Fabric Jet-pulse High Ratio Bag Houses
Dustex BaghousesDustex jet pulse bag houses are engineered and manufactured to provide customers with some very significant advances in high filter ratio dust collection.

A unique combination of features is utilized to ensure that Dustex bag house collectors can successfully operate at filter ratios that typically range from 2 to 3 times higher than those of conventional pulse jet dust collectors.


Four basic series of cyclones including multi-tube cyclones and microclones in a wide range of orientations. Each is designed for specific application requirements.

Turnkey Systems

Complete, customized system equipment supplied and installed.

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Shakers, Insertables and Bin Vents

Dustex offers many options for compact and cost-effective shaker units with integral fan packages. We build many configurations for a wide variety of applications. Their “insertable” units are pulse jet collectors which use 100% spun-bond polyester elements. They are typically used for direct insertion into belt or bucket conveyor housings or used a bin/silo vents.

Dustex Twins

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