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Howden people live to improve our products and services and for over 160 years our world has revolved around our customers. This dedication means our air and gas handling equipment adds maximum value to your operations. We have innovation in our hearts and every day we focus on providing you with the best solutions for your vital operations.

  • Plug Fans
  • Turbo Pressure Blowers
  • Cast Aluminum Pressure Blowers
  • Radial Blade Pressure Blowers
  • Utility Blowers
  • Axial and Mixed Flow Fans
  • Roof Ventilators


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Howden Products

Adjustable pitch mining fan

Adjustable pitch mining fan

Bisector air preheaters

Alphair Jetstream AMF Series

Alphair Jetstream Series


Basic Oxygen Steel Fans

15 BOS334184

Boiler Fans

Boiler Fans

Custom Applications

ExVel® Turbo Fans

FGD Booster Fans

Gyrol Fluid drives

Fluid drive

SureCoat™ Plus and SureCoat™ Premium enamelled elements

Mine Ventilation Fans


Mine Ventilaton Fans

Mine Ventilation

Mixed Flow Fans

Pelletising Plant Fans

Pelletising Fan

Sinter Plant Fans

Sinter waste gas fans

Variax® Fans

Donkin Smoke fans

Smoke Ventilation

Dry Ash Conveyor System

Dry Ash Conveyor System

MSW Incinerator Ash Handling

MSW Incinerator

Submerged Chain Conveyor (SCC)


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