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Air management systems for heating, ventilating and cooling industrial facilities. Systems include high efficiency heating, slight building pressurization, ductless air distribution and the easiest-to-use DDC facility management system available.

  • Direct-fired Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Cooling

Rapid Engineering, Inc. pioneered the development of Air Management Systems using direct-fired heating more than 35 years ago. Today the 2000 and 4000 Series air handlers efficiently establish and maintain a slightly pressurized condition in your facility as they gently temper outdoor air and, as appropriate, mix it with existing indoor air.

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Series 4000 Benefits

  • Improved indoor air quality

    RAPID’S direct-fired 4000 Series air handlers dilute and expel airborne contaminants and make exhaust systems operate more efficiently, enabling your facility to meet even the toughest IAQ standards.

  • Superior ventilation

    The 4000 System greatly decreases heat buildup in warm weather. The system automatically adjusts outdoor air volume from 100% to 20% to meet ventilation requirements in cold weather.

  • Consistent temperatures

    You will experience far less stratification and more consistent temperatures throughout your facility when heating with the 4000 System, thanks to low-temperature discharge air and a slightly pressurized building. And in hot seasons and climates, optional cooling effectively reduces indoor air temperatures to keep people and processes productive.

  • Case of management and control

    Rapid’s computer-based Intelligent Control system provides you with the information you need to manage your system more effectively. It’s simple to learn and easy to operate.

  • Cost savings

    You’ll realize energy savings of 20% to 40% over indirect heating systems with the 4000 Series burner, which delivers 100% of the heat generated into the building. rapid’s evaporative cooling systems are very inexpensive to purchase and operate, and our mechanical refrigeration systems produce efficiencies among the highest in the industry.

  • Flexibility and convenience

    Installations of RAPID heating systems require little or no ductwork, while our evaporative cooling systems need no condensers, chillers, water towers or distribution piping. This makes them easy to install, operate and maintain, while giving you more space for manufacturing or storage.

Rapid 4000 OverviewThe RAPID® 4000-Series is a customizable direct-fired heating, cooling and pressurization system. Available from 5,000-150,000 CFM, the units are available in four different air styles- MUA (100% outside air with a fixed discharge air volume), FR (fixed 80% return air / 20% outside air with a fixed discharge air volume), AM (modulating return air / outside air with a fixed discharge air volume) and VAV (100% outside air with a variable discharge air volume). These four different air styles, along with the availability of evaporative cooling, mechanical cooling, post-cooling reheat and a wide variety of accessories, make these units extremely flexible and able to meet a wide variety of heating and cooling needs.

Series 2000 Benefits

Rapid 2000The RAPID® 2000-Series is a line of direct-fired air handlers capable of heating, cooling and pressurization. The units are available in four air styles: MUA (100% outside air with a constant discharge air volume), AM (modulating outside/return air with a constant discharge air volume), FR (fixed 20% outside/80% return air with a constant discharge air volume) and VAV (100% outside air with a variable discharge air volume). All models and styles are available in upright or horizontal as well as indoor or outdoor configurations.

Cooling Options

rapid_coolingEvaporative cooling is the most cost-effective method for reducing heat buildup and maintaining lower summertime temperatures in industrial and commercial buildings. A 4000 Series Air Management System with optional evaporative cooling provides heat, ventilation and cooling—all in one economical package.

Intelligent Controls

Rapid ControlIntelligent Controls are the nerve center of the air management system. They give the building operator a direct link to all RAPID 4000 Series air handlers, providing a simple, effective means of operation. Each air handler is controlled by a microprocessor-based “Intelligent Controller” that communicates via an IBM compatible computer with RAPID’S “Intelligent Control Software.” Maintenance personnel can also hook a laptop PC directly into the air handler to perform diagnostics and service.

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