Spencer Turbine Company

Engineered blowers and vacuum systems for industrial, commercial and institutional applications. Blowers include single stage centrifugal and regenerative models to multistage centrifugals with fabricated or cast construction. Vacuum system range from single-user mobile units to extensive, multi-operator, central vacuum systems.

  • Blowers
  • Exhausters
  • Fans
  • Gas Boosters

Engineered Blowers

spencer-f1After more than a century of pioneering, Spencer’s staff of engineers and technicians is the largest in the industry. At their disposal is a development laboratory equipped for advanced testing of custom designs and new products.

To deal with hot, high pressure or corrosive gases, we utilize a wide range of specialized metals, coatings and treatments. These resources are available to each customer through Air/Pro – your local liaison during system planning, construction, installation, startup and operation.

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Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

spencer_unitSpencer central vacuum system is the most versatile and efficient cleaning system available. It consists of a central vacuum producer and separators connected to inlet valves located throughout the area to be cleaned. Waste materials are drawn into the system then separated and collected for disposal. An array of specially-designed components and accessories are available for various tasks and waste materials.

spencer_vacThe same system can be used to clean floors, machinery, and the air. It can pick up and transport both solid and liquid wastes, including toxic, corrosive, and contaminated substances. In addition to cleaning, the system can also serve as a pneumatic conveyor to pick up, transport, and collect in-process and reclaimed materials in manufacturing facilities.

Centralized Efficiency

A centralized vacuum cleaning system offers built-in advantages that portable systems can’t equal. A central system:

  • Increases worker efficiency

    Increases worker efficiency – Time is spent cleaning – not carrying, setting up, changing electrical plugs, etc.

  • Cleans better and faster

    Cleans better and faster – Increased suction from the large, powerful Spencer central unit is more effective and quicker than the portable systems.

  • Controls waste materials better

    Controls waste materials better – Dirt, contaminants, and waste from manufacturing can be controlled at the source as they are created, not allowed to settle on machinery, merchandise, or people

  • Requires little or no maintenance

    Requires little or no maintenance – Lubricate as seldom as every 8000 hours – or never, depending on the motor selected. Separators with automatic emptying and filter cleaning systems are also available.

  • Is easier, safer to use

    Is easier, safer to use – Central cleaning system hoses and nozzles are lightweight but rugged. And there are no electrical cords or plugs, reducing shock and explosion hazards.

  • Lasts for decades

    Lasts for decades – Compare that to those burned out portables.

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